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Although creating a quiet, physical workspace, and plugging in the appropriate remote work technology (like zoom video conference) are key steps to transitioning to remote work, many people, leaders, teams, and companies don’t realize that the most important element is understanding the “psychometrics” of your people. Behaviors, motivators, and their ideal work styles make the biggest impact on the bottom line.

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How it Works

Humantelligence has applied our proven 30-year scientific self-assessment to this problem and can now help with our quick, scalable, fun, and a powerful 12-minute assessment that will help companies – individuals, leaders, and teams – maintain productivity and performance.

3-Step Process to Achieve a High Performing Culture


Start with a 12 Minute Assessment

Just like with any business-related KPI, you need measurable data to make sound decisions about your people and your unique culture at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

  • Our 30-year proprietary and technically validated, EEOC- Adverse Impact-compliant science measures culture in 12 minutes
  • Behaviors
  • Motivators
  • Work Environment Alignment


Align and Team-Culture using Intelligent Analytics

Use data to align culture intentionally at team, group, functional and divisional levels, all the way to the overall corporate culture of your organization. Get powerful insights and align your culture to your strategy, improving profitability. Learn why teams perform (and why they don’t) to course-correct, and standardize across your company, at all levels or regions.

  • Measure and gain insights for success
  • Understand what work motivators contribute to the team’s culture
  • Create a more effective and productive work environment


Hire and Retain for Culture Fit

Team analytics can be used to address your unique needs; allowing you to hire more intentionally for culture fit, for performance and/or for a diversity of thought. Use benchmarks at the individual, team, and organization level, to remove bias and offer more predictive success through quality hires that helps reduce turnover and improve profitability.

  • Select new hires faster. Eliminate 80% of the recruiting process.
  • Reduce subjectivity by over 80%, and increase diversity, by letting AI filter your candidates based on data, and presenting the best ones for interviews.
  • Identify opportunities for internal mobility
  • Choose candidates that are a better fit for your company – either cloning a profile or guaranteeing “diversity of thought”, depending on the role.

Measure culture at every level, uncovering talent insights for improving performance, collaboration, and hiring.

Intelligent Analytics

Use talent analytics to find high performing teams and use those insights to develop other high performing teams.

Increase Productivity

Be equipped with accurate, actionable culture data to promote positive change throughout the organization.


Improve Employee Engagement


Provide insights to managers on their team-culture to help better communicate and collaborate.

Culture Alignment

Hire employees who are a good culture fit for the team and who will be more engaged and successful.

Motivated Action

Find out what makes each employee tick, and provide them with the motivators they need to stay engaged.



Provide Career Mobility


Identify internal mobility opportunities for employees who have outgrown their positions.


Compare profiles of employees to high performers in other parts of the organization to identify opportunities for movement.

Increase Retention

Increase retention by keeping high performers and offering additional opportunities and positions for growth.



Giving Back during COVID

In the new “remote work” reality, 92% of companies have had to make a culture shift on how things get done.

During COVID-19 challenges, we’re helping companies increase team productivity for free.  This is one way that we live out our core values. Contact us today and leverage our powerful SmartCulture platform to help you and your team adapt and excel while working remotely.

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